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Offers USA

Available PPE stock OTG USA

Cardinal -  Cranberry -  Lydus - 3M 1860

Lydus Nitrile Examination Gloves Production Deal. - 19/01/2021

FOB: Thailand
MOQ: weekly,  minimum of 3 months, 4 containers (30.000 boxes) a month.
Max MOQ production: first order takes 4,5 weeks, the rest weekly, no maximum.
Price FOB: $9,50


1. Seller issues FCO
2. Buyer will issue PO
3. Agreement between Seller and Buyer
4. Commercial Invoice from Seller
5. Buyer open Escrow ,30% payment
6. Seller prepare production/packing of goods.

7. SGS Inspection. The client gives instructions how the inspection must done.

8. Upon SGS Approval by buyer, seller arrange sea shipment
9. Seller send all shipping documents including AWB/BL to buyer
10. Buyer bank release 100% Payment
11. Subsequent shipments follow same process.

 Cardinal -OTG

For any OTG Cardinal stock please contact us directly

Cranberry - OTG

For any OTG Cranbbery stock please contact us directly

3M 1860 - OTG

For any OTG 3M 1860 stock please contact us directly


1. Mandate call with buyer, mandate and attorney.
2. Vetting Attorney/Mandate verifies funds (no need for first BCL or MT).
3. Buyer sends confirmation email to seller regarding SOP, price+commission split.
4. BCL/MT199/MT799 sent to the closing attorney (fresh).
5. Mandate provides IMFPA+paperwork with the seller's name.
6. Buyer completes paperwork within 24 hours.
7. Buyer sends paperwork directly to seller
8. Seller confirms receipt of paperwork
9. A2A + SPA + Escrow agreement
10. Closing attorney provides buyer's attorney 100%SGS or SGS+lot numbers or lot
number only
11. Buyer verifies SGS at SGS Global Center via email to:
12. Buyer moves funds into closing attorney IOLTA account
13. Seller provides AWB documentation
14. Buyer releases funds, including commissions.
15. Closing
1. Funds in the US
2. Funds in a prime bank
3. No back to back - the buyer on the LOI has his own funds and uses his own BCL (one
4. 5% on the buyer intermediaries box closed for facilitators..seller side closed


For working with us concerning acquiring large quantity's from/for the United States there are some mandatory requirements and standards we have established:

  • All offers are concerning OTG or FOB stock at all times;

  • BeroV represents DIRECT connection to sellers, therefore the communication with potential and existing clients is and will be directly to either the attorney, the mandate or the buyer himself;

  • BeroV will not engage in an intermediary role for proxy company's and brokers of such, nor will requests and paperwork from proxy company and brokers be accepted or processed;

  • BeroV will be responsible for following the SOP of the seller by all parties 

  • Berov does no accept any submission with CAGE CODE or IDIQ CODE 

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